In 2019 we relaunched our strategy with two defined programmes.

  1. Secure Financial Futures – Supporting young people to a secure financial future through financial capability and employability training, and;
  2. Communities – Making positive change in communities through volunteering and fundraising.

The Foundation works with staff and partners at Hymans Robertson, communities and charitable organisations across the United Kingdom to deliver our two core programmes.

Our mission is to support individuals and teams at Hymans Robertson in their efforts to help local communities through fundraising and volunteering, and to help young people to secure financial futures through financial education and training, education or employment.

Initially the aim of the Foundation was to focus on financial education supported totally by volunteers from Hymans Robertson, however our ambition to reach 10,000 young people over the decade from 2019 led the Trustees to redefine the strategy. The revised programme still has the vision of a better future for disadvantaged 14 – 25 year olds at its heart. Our ambitions expanded to focus on supporting the delivery of employability skills training provided through partner charities. Financial capability training is now delivered by specialist provider, MyBnk. These sessions will be provided within partner charity employability programmes.

In the short term, the geographic focus of financial education delivery is Scotland, due to the lower prevalence of both employability and financial capability programmes north of the border compared to England. This approach allowed the Foundation to seed fund a new MyBnk hub in Scotland through the provision of a three year grant. MyBnk is now working with our other charity partners to deliver accredited financial education training to young people participating in their employability programmes. You can read more about the beneficiary impact of the funded MyBnk programmes in Scotland here.

You can find out more about MyBnk’s work in this case study.


  1. In partnership with people at Hymans Robertson we aim to donate or raise over £2m for community and other charitable organisations. As well as ad-hoc donations, The Foundation offers matched funding for GAYE (Give As You Earn) and for individual, team and office fundraisers;
  2. To support 5,000 hours of annual volunteering by Hymans Robertson employees. The Foundation looks to engage volunteers with its charity network.

The Foundation is committed to supporting the priorities of the Money and Pensions Service (MaPS), an arm’s-length body of the UK Government that works with stakeholders across a range of sectors to help improve financial education provision at school, at home and in the community.

Alongside parents and carers, schools and teachers are uniquely placed to help children and young people to develop the money skills they need. Their financial education in schools page links to a broad range of research and resources that is available across the UK including their recently launched Financial Education Guidance for schools in Scotland:

Secure Financial Futures

  1. 10,000 young people in training, education or employment as a result of programmes delivered by our charity partners and directly supported by the Foundation;
  2. Improvement in Financial capability for 5,000 young people trained by MyBnk and directly funded by the Foundation as measured by improvements in:
    • Those keeping on top of their bills;
    • Individuals willing to seek specialist support with money difficulties;
    • Those needing credit to get by at the end of the week / month;
    • Young people who considered their debt or rent arrears a burden;
    • The median debt reported (from £300 to £120).